Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Collaborative Rep - Spring 2017

As collaborative piano takes up nearly 50% of my music-making during the academic year, I've started to keep lists...looooong lists... of everything I learn each semester. It's mostly so I can feel a sense of accomplishment, but it's also smart to keep a running rep list, no matter what it's for.

If you're not already keeping track of rep you learn - for whatever instrumentation - I'd go ahead and start!

Performed in Recital

Chaminade, Concertino
Clarke, Hypnosis
Mouquet, Pan et les Oiseaux
Ganne, Andante and Scherzo
Bohm, Fantasy, Op. 21
Schumann, Three Romances
Griffes, Poem
Reinecke, Ballade

Cahuzac, Cantilene
Hindemith, Sonate
Rabud, Solo de Concours
Saint-Saƫns, Sonata
Bassi, Fantasia from I puritani
Weber, Concertino in E-flat Major, Op. 26

Bartok, Romanian Folk Dances
Khachaturian, Concerto, II. 

Sejourne, Concerto for Marimba and Strings
Rosauro, Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra
Green, Cross Corners

Performed in Masterclass, Jury

Mozart, Concerto in G Major
Sancan, Sonatine
Hindemith, Sonate

Bassi, Fantasia da Concerto
Arnold, Sonatina
Alwyn, Sonata
Gaubert, Fantasie

Ibert, Concertino
Koechlin, from Etudes
Demersseman, Fantaisie
Bozza, Divertissement
Lantier, Sicilienne
Glazunov, Concerto

In looking at the list, I can tell I forgot to write down a few pieces.  Others were begun but not completed, so they aren't included either. 
Regardless, it looks and felt like a lot of music. It was split between 20 different students. 

This coming semester I've only accepted 10 into my accompaniment studio, which should hopefully make life a little simpler. It's not so much learning the music that's the problem: it's coordinating schedules with 20 students and their applied lesson professors that starts to wear on all of us after a while. I'm hoping that 10 is an easily manageable number. 

Plus, we have 11 incoming freshmen to the percussion studio, so there will be more lessons to go around there as well. And I'm planning on taking a psychology course this fall, as it has always been an interest of mine. (...If that wasn't obvious between some essays here and segments on @ percussion podcast.)

June's concerts in Chicago went well. Haven't watched the videos yet, but will do soon. We are coming up on the Staunton Music Festival, where I'll be involved in two concerts. One will feature a US premiere of Iron Curtain, a percussion quartet by Moritz Eggert, who will be in residence. Looking forward to receiving the music!

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