More than Just "buguda-buguda-plink-plink"

     - a marimba clinic about four stroke types (full, up, "soppy," and muted/dead) and expression through two means:
     1. Traditional Concepts
     2. Complete Performance, which includes Inner-Body Movement, accepting and challenging our "Type," and Storytelling through creating and communicating a vivid atmosphere 
     First presented at TAPS East Coast, 2016.

Shoulder Anatomy: Easing Pain and Furthering Technique through Body Mapping

     - a clinic exploring our misconceptions about arm/shoulder structures and how they can affect the    sounds we make
     - several playing examples are used to demonstrate that the feedback system of body/sound. and  how mismapping and tension affect musicmaking
     Presented at PASIC 2015

A Kinesthetic Approach to Keyboard Fundamentals

     - a clinic/lecture that correlates basics of grip, fulcrum, and stroke to Body Mapping and    alignment
     - a high experiential component allows attendees to build kinesthetic awareness
     - developing kinesthetic awareness in students as a "check system" for learning stages; developing  kinesthetic-friendly vocabulary as a teacher, and relating it to other instrumentalists
     First presented at Indiana Music Educators Association Professional Development Conference 2017

Handouts and PowerPoints are included for education purposes only. 
Please don't steal them; I worked really hard on them.  :)

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