Alignment, Support, and Kinesthetic Awareness for Percussionists

          - an interactive clinic to help the audience develop kinesthetic awareness as a means to notice their own misalignment and lack of support, relying on Body Mapping from Alexander Technique to understand the musculoskeletal apparatus

      First presented at Virginia Day of Percussion 2017

More than Just "buguda-buguda-plink-plink"

     - a marimba clinic about four stroke types (full, up, "soppy," and muted/dead) and expression through two means:
     1. Traditional Concepts
     2. Complete Performance, which includes Inner-Body Movement, accepting and challenging our "Type," and Storytelling through creating and communicating a vivid atmosphere 
     First presented at TAPS East Coast, 2016.

Shoulder Anatomy: Easing Pain and Furthering Technique through Body Mapping

     - a clinic exploring our misconceptions about arm/shoulder structures and how they can affect the    sounds we make
     - several playing examples are used to demonstrate that the feedback system of body/sound. and  how mismapping and tension affect musicmaking
     Presented at PASIC 2015

A Kinesthetic Approach to Keyboard Fundamentals

     - a clinic/lecture that correlates basics of grip, fulcrum, and stroke to Body Mapping and    alignment
     - a high experiential component allows attendees to build kinesthetic awareness
     - developing kinesthetic awareness in students as a "check system" for learning stages; developing  kinesthetic-friendly vocabulary as a teacher, and relating it to other instrumentalists
     First presented at Indiana Music Educators Association Professional Development Conference 2017

Handouts and PowerPoints are included for education purposes only. 
Please don't steal them; I worked really hard on them.  :)

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