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Aug. 10: L+M Duo at Thirsty Ears Music Festival, Chicago
          - 3pm!
June 8: Illuminating Wrigley at the Wrigley Building
May 3: L+M Duo at First Fridays Downtown and the Sacred Arts Series, Harrisonburg, VA
          - Vices and Voyages program
Apr. 28: L+M Duo on the Carl Broman Concert Series at Mary Baldwin University, Staunton, VA
Apr. 26: L+M Duo at JMU Faculty Recital: Jason Haney (composer of Reef)
Mar. 21: New Music Chicago presents...L+M Duo, Chicago Cultural Center


Nov. 14-18: PASIC in Indianapolis, IN
          - Health and Wellness Panel Discussion: Improving students' mental health and wellness during concert and marching seasons
Nov. 2: First Friday Concert feat. JMU Percussion Studio
Oct. 22-24: JMU Contemporary Music Festival
          - Ricochet, by Libby Larsen
          - Die Sternklare (The Starry Woman), by Joseph Klein
May 7-10: L+M Duo in residence at University of Illinois, Chicago


Nov. 8-11: PASIC in Indianapolis, IN
          - PercussionMind: The Mental Habits of Today's Top Percussionists...and Where You Fit In presented on Saturday, Nov. 11 at 12pm in room 204
Nov. 2: L+M Duo in residence at University of Illinois, Chicago
          - reading workshop with student composers
Oct. 29: L+M Duo at Virginia Tech
Oct. 26-28: MTNA Competition at George Mason University
          - accompany competitors in clarinet category
Oct. 23-25: JMU Contemporary Music Festival
          - L+M Duo premiering Reef by Jason Haney
          - Fertility Rites, by Christos Hatzis
Oct. 3: Health and Wellness Clinic at Virginia Tech
Aug. 11-20: Staunton Music Festival
          - US premiere of Eggert's Iron Curtain, for percussion quartet
June 23-25: L+M Duo Chicago Residency
          - June 23: Fourth Presbyterian Church Concert Series
          - June 25: at Constellation
June 8: International Women's Brass Conference with hornist Kristen Fowler
          - performing a full recital titled Trauma and Triumph
May 20-27: International Percussion Festival of Taiwan with Casey Cangelosi
May 11-13: New Music Gathering at Bowling Green State University
          - L+M Duo chosen to perform Magicicada, by Rusty Banks
Mar. 3-5: Southeast Horn Workshop, held at JMU
          - contracted pianist for competition, artist recitals, etc.
Feb. 26-27: residence at Tarleton State University, TX
          - feature clinician and soloist on Marimba Spiritual
Jan. 27: JMU Men's Choir Invitational
Jan. 12-14: Indiana All-State Percussion Ensemble
          - feature soloist on Marimba Spiritual
          - clinic: A Kinesthetic Approach to Keyboard Fundamentals


Nov 9-12: PASIC at Indianapolis, IN
Nov 4: L+M Duo, University of Illinois at Chicago
Oct: JMU Percussion Faculty Concert
Sept 12-14: L+M Debut Tour
          - 9/12: The University of TN, Knoxville
          - 9/13: Carson Newman University
          - 9/14: Lincoln Memorial University
Aug: Staunton New Music Festival
June: TAPS East Coat at Snow Pond Music Festival
          - masterclass, private lessons, presentation for composer workshop
Feb 22: Percussion Ensemble Concert at JMU
          - feature soloist on Marimba Spiritual
Feb 16-18: JMU Contemporary Music Festival
          - Drums of Winter from Earth and the Great Weather, by John Luther Adams
Jan 2-7: TAPS OZ (Ted Atkatz Percussion Seminar) in Adelaide, South Australia
          - Clapping Music, arr. Cangelosi; Theatric 10, by Cangelosi


November 11-14: PASIC in San Antonio, TX
          - masterclass presentation, Shoulder Anatomy: Preventing Injury and Furthering Technique                    through Body Mapping
July 19-26:  Percussion Festival of Costa Rica, 4th Edition
          - as L-CAFE PIERcussion, with Casey Cangelosi, Eriko Daimo, Pius Cheung, and Fernando                   Meza
June 17-20: Great Plains International Marimba Competition in Oklahoma City, OK
May 5: Joint Faculty Recital with Dr. David Ball, trombone, euphonium, and alto trombone
April 30: Percussion Ensemble Concert at CU
          - feature soloist on Marimba Spiritual
April 28: Senior Recital at CU: Austin Bolden, perc and composition
          - collaborative piano, premiere 2012 (mba/pno)
February 12: Quintetto Vocale with the AdHoctect
January 23: Summersville Middle School in Summersville, WV
          - Body of Your Dreams, by Jacob TV; Beethoven Op. 3, No. 2 - 2nd mvmt; 
            Clapping Music, by Steve Reich


September 23-28: Italy Days of Percussion at Pascara, Italy
September 19-20: Campobasso Conservatoire at Campobasso, Italy
September 9: Solo Faculty Recital at Concord University, Athens, WV. 7pm
          - Italy Marimba Competition Repertoire
April 16: Faculty Recital at Concord University, Athens, WV
February 21: Balletik Duo in concert at Concord University, Athens, WV
          - featuring 2 world premieres
February 11: Percusonidos Festival at Tampico, Mexico (Tampico International Percussion Festival)
          - Marimba Concerto No. 2, by Casey Cangelosi, feat. Casey on marimba, me on piano
          - Body of Your Dreams, by Jacob TV
February 1: Magic Marimba Festival at University of Southern Florida
          - Marimba Concerto No. 2, by Casey Cangelosi, feat. Casey on marimba, me on piano
          - Body of Your Dreams, by Jacob TV

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Marimba Body: Back Muscles

This essay is all about the muscles of the back, since we talked about the spine in my last segment.  Since I get to talk all about shoulders at PASIC (woohoo!!!) on Friday, I thought a good connection between spine structure and the shoulder joint would be about the muscles of the back that help to protect both.

Though I've never experienced it severely first-hand, it seems like there is nothing worse than constant back pain.  Ask anyone who has dealt with it and they will say that you must protect your back so you never feel what they do.  Doctors warn their patients that once they have one surgery, chances are they will need more.  (This makes sense, as you can't fix one part of the long spinal structure without later needing to correct other areas.)

There's good news, though: keeping the muscles of the back strong, and freely aligning the spine, can help us lead pain and surgery-free lives.

Waterfall Muscles It's beautiful the way the muscles of the back cascade d…

Marimba Body: Thumbs


Without them who knows how we'd play our instruments.

Interest in the relationship between the hand, wrist, and thumb began a few years ago when I took piano lessons to refine my technique. (As similar as piano and percussion are in theory, there's much less crossover than I mistakenly thought and hoped.)   Anyway, something my mentor said was when the thumb isn't being used it should relax towards the rest of the hand and fingers.  Sure, may sound obvious, but in the throes of playing - piano or percussion - it's easy to forget little things like this. 
Brain: Play a broken 13 over 7, across 6 surfaces...crescendo...oh, right. THUMB. End Scene
Thumbs that are mis-mapped, working more than they should, or working when they don't need to contribute to funny aches, pains, and numbness that can get mistaken for carpal tunnel.  
Just like all other subjects in the Marimba Body series, how we relate to the structure and movement design of the thumb is evident in…

Marimba Body: Aching Elbows

As we gear up for fall and the concert season ahead, whether as a student, professor, or touring artist, it's a good time to reflect on our technical habits.  For those that took time off over the summer, there's the process of re-integrating hours of practice. For those that are preparing entire new programs (ehhem...yours truly), there's the challenge of not rushing through the learning process, mentally and physically. 

Throughout my time writing the Marimba Body series, folks have approached me with different questions of "do you have anything about ___?"  Coming up a few times is the issue of elbow pain - what it is, how we get it, and how to heal and then prevent it. 

Here's what I've learned, experienced, and found.

Three Common Pain Areas Most commonly, percussionists experience elbow pain: - on the outside of the elbow (lateral epicondylitis, aka: tennis elbow) - on the inside of the elbow (medial epicondylitis, aka: golfer's elbow) - at the…