PercussionMind Project

Mike Cerreto, Sports and Performing Arts Psychologist
In the fall of 2016 I launched an exciting project with Virginia-based Sports Psychologist Mike Cerreto.  A chance meeting at a JMU Graduation celebration resulted in conversations about the need for insight and self-care in the Performing Arts, and the potential of using tools that already exist to make that happen.

Mike already works with musicians through his partnership with the Richmond Symphony, and runs the state's most recognized Sports Psychology program at his practice: A Talented Mind Clinic.

What is PercussionMind?

PercussionMind takes the mental performance habits from 28 of today's top percussionists in the field among four career categories: Soloists, Orchestral Players, Teachers, and Diversifiers, and makes them [anonymously] available for others to compare against in order to learn where they could possibly "fit in" the professional music scene. 

Our top professionals took an assessment, TAIS (The Attentional Interpersonal Style Inventory), which measures 20 traits.  This data was then compounded and analyzed for each category, giving us potential mental performance trends for each career path. 

Some professionals include Casey Cangelosi, Cynthia Yeh, Pius Cheung, and Dame Evelyn Glennie.

Interact with PercussionMind

The endgame of this project is to create a new resource for today's upcoming professionals and their educators.  With a database of categorical trends, we will design an interface where anyone can take the assessment and compare themselves against one of the four categories.  The comparison provides insight into a person's mental style - how the mind prefers to operate - and how it relates to a possible career path.  A feedback session will explain the results and provide potential strategies to improve mental performance of a particular trait in accordance with the individual's career goals.

The PercussionMind program projects availability as soon as autumn 2017.  You'll be able to find it at

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