Monday, March 28, 2016

Upcoming Excitables

Cool things are in the works, everybody.


I'm excited to let you know that I'll have two articles coming out in Rhythm! Scene: one in April, the other in June.  It's a two-parter about developing kinesthetic awareness and applying that knowledge to our wrists.  

In the April issue: developing a kinesthetic mindset, discovery exercises for kinesthetic awareness, and discussion of two stabilizing ligaments in the wrist.

In the June issue: tendons, common injuries, and a kinesthetic checklist to help avoid them.

TAPS - June 6-12, 2016

This June yours truly will be part of the faculty at the Ted Atkatz Percussion Seminar (TAPS) on the East Coast at the Snow Pond Music Festival.  The seminar takes place in beautiful central Maine and it isn't too late to submit an audition tape.  Here are the guidelines

TAPS is for college students looking to develop excerpts, audition skills, and musicality.  Several TAPS alumni have been admitted to some of the most prestigious orchestra festivals: it works! Check out more here.

Since marimba playing is often included on an audition list, I'll be presenting a masterclass on the instrument, with a focus on adapting works, as Bach is often required.  I'll also incorporate a lot of movement study into the class and throughout the week, as weird body habits often work their way into orchestral playing. Think crash cymbals, tambourine, and snare drum.

My goal is that while other faculty work on excerpt-specific details, I can contribute with insight as to physical habits that may be a hindrance to the student. Casey and I were at TAPS Australia in January, and it was a blast. If you are even contemplating attending - send in a tape!!  If you'd like to know more, here's an enlightening interview with Ted.

TAPS East Coast Faculty: Ted Atkatz, Shaun TilburgCasey Cangelosi, and me!

one for WON Update

Remember that thing I talked vaguely about back in December, called One for WON? Well, I'm still working on it, still building a website that's usable, and still developing ideas and a niche for it.  There are many, many things floating around in this brain of mine, and I will release them as soon as they're ready. Please be on the lookout for a launch of the website, and announcement of microgrant opportunities!!

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