Friday, February 27, 2015

February 12, 2015

This is a retrograde post rather than a future planning post. That's kind of silly, I suppose, but it's my blog and I will chronicle as I please.

February 12 was a unique day in Laurel's musical life.

No, I didn't win anything or almost win anything -- "per se" --- but it was a day of accomplishments in different arenas.

I pushed the magical Send button on mine and Nati's application for The American Prize. Because the process was simple, we figured putting our names in the hat for this award was something we should do. All it took was filling out the app, sending a photo and links to videos. Boom, done. Easy peasy.

February 12 was also a day of revival for my love of singing. I never stopped loving singing, but I did stop performing, as other areas took over. (I also miss acting. It's one of those things that I'm not sure I can do credibly but I find it a beautiful process.)

The Director of Vocal Studies at the university put together a quintet to present a concert of 16th century madrigals. I got to sing the middle women's voice, whenever there was one. I really enjoyed it, but was incredibly insecure because I was the only person who wasn't a trained vocalist. Eep! I had lessons with a wonderful teacher in undergrad and wish I had understood more about support at the time. How I would approach those lessons differently now! Oh well.

Anyway, I really enjoyed singing again, even if it was a little scary. I'm a soprano, and when I get nervous I'm so afraid of going flat that I go sharp or turn descending half steps into quartertones. I imagine I might be getting replaced in the quintet due to this, but even if that happens I had a good time doing it. Joining the quintet on that concert was a men's chorus group called The AdHoctet from Blacksburg, VA that was really excellent. The members met when they all happened to join the Blacksburg Master Chorale.They're not all professional musicians, but some of them even compose, which is always cool.

Here is a video of the madrigal Fyer, Fyer from the concert. Performers, from left to right, are Kelly Hudson, Julian Cooper, JJ Hudson, Jordan Stadvec, and me.

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