Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I'm a planner.

Husband makes fun of me for it -- my need to carry around my HUGE day planner everywhere I go.  I like making lists. Even more, I like checking off things to be done from said lists.

In light of my overall positive experience from the Italy competition, I've decided to take on a few more projects. Are some of them out of my league? Maybe. But, I figure the practice I'll do getting ready for them will only serve me well in the future.

So, to put my marimba-focused To Do list out there:

2015 Houston Symphony Ima Hogg Competition
     My teacher, Nancy Zeltsman, told me about this competition a few years ago. I'm just now grown the cajones to try it. The top players receive a cash prize, but also get to perform with the Houston Symphony.
          PRELIMINARY TAPE DUE January 28, 2015
          REP: 2 movement from a Bach sonata or partita; 15-20 minutes solo rep
               I'm playing the Toccata and Allemanda from BWV 830: Keyboard Partita in e minor;      Merlin, and Prelude No. 1 by Emmanuel Sejourne.

2015 American Protege International Concerto Competition
     While lurking on the internet I came across this competition. Though I'm weary of concerto competitions, because - let's face it - marimba concerti ain't got nothin on Rachmaninoff, since this competition requires a video and not a plane ticket I'll do it.
          PRELIMINARY TAPE DUE February 28, 2015
          REP: Single movement or complete concerto; 7 minutes solo rep
               I've not decided what to play - part of the Koppel or the Klatzow concertos, and maybe the second movement of Merlin?? Any advice is gladly accepted.

The American Prize in Chamber Music, 2015
     This project is one for Balletik Duo. As another contest that doesn't require travel, I figure why not apply? There are monetary prizes, but winners also receive the endorsement and permission to notify the public of support from The American Prize.
          AUDITION TAPE DUE February 17, 2015
          REP: at least 30 minutes of rep

Avaloch Farm Music Institute
     Another opportunity for Balletik Duo, Natalie found this organization. Winners of residencies may reside at the farm for anywhere from one to six weeks over the summer, free to work on projects in their own personal studios.
          APPLICATION MATERIALS DUE April 1, 2015
          Must include a DVD, 20 minutes in length, with at least two pieces of contrasting repertoire

Great Plains International Marimba Competition
     Guys! The requirements for this just changed. Now, you don't have to be in school to compete, you just have to be 32 or younger. Friends, let's have a reunion and play for people that are probably (but maybe not) better players than we are.
          PRELIMINARY TAPE DUE March 1, 2015
          REP: 1 J. S. Bach Prelude or Gigue; one piece from the list
               I'll use the Prelude from cello Suite 6, and I haven't even checked the rep list yet...

Some of the dates for these projects overlap, but seeing as I don't expect to make it to the final rounds of all of them, chances are it will all be ok. I figure I'll age out of these in a few years, so might as well make the most of it while time is on my side.


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