Monday, July 28, 2014

Late July

Not much has changed around here these days. Just keepin' on, keepin' on.

I'm making videos about twice a week in preparation for competition. They're not made to share, but made for me to pick apart and plan the next day's practice session. Some have been close to being share-worthy, though!!

In the meantime I made a satirical video about White Knuckle Stroll, one of the obligatory pieces in the first round. As it's by Casey I feel like I'm in the unique position of making fun of the preparation process. It's difficult to prepare a piece that is FAST and DOESN'T STOP. Practicing slow helps you learn it incorrectly, but in the end, how it feels to play it at tempo and how it feels to play it slowly are so far apart technically that there's no point in slow practice once the notes are down. Naturally, this makes preparation of this piece require organization, as I know I can't just practice it for 2 hours on a whim. I have to strategize where I put it in my practice - which is ALWAYS at the end because then my hands and arms are warm.

Still teaching a 101 class. Last day is next Wednesday, so there are 6 sessions and a final exam remaining. Not much time, really.

The sewing mojo is getting out of control at the moment. It's funny: I read many sewing blogs and there are often comments about "losing the mojo." I have the opposite problem! I can dream up hundreds of projects easily and don't have enough time to do them.

Note to self: Dream job involves playing marimba, reading, and sewing. 

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