Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Early July

It's funny how at the end of May I always feel like Laurel, you have plenty of time. Make your little schedules and don't procrastinate. And then I make the schedules and I stick to them, but here we are at the beginning of July and I feel like I have SO MUCH left. 

I suppose this is the life of a musician and a general busy person, really.  I enjoy being active but hate having too many commitments. 

In the "achievements" category, I've memorized 4 pieces for the Italy Marimba Competition in September and am now in the record/critique stage of preparation, which isn't too far behind where I'd like to be.  I'm still working on the final round rep choice.

I finished one class only to begin another this week. I prefer face-to-face teaching, without a doubt.  Online classes always result in snarky emails and students accusing you of "losing" their submissions.  Plus, I like to use my computer time for blogs, writing, and research, and got really irritated when that time became more work-related last month.  It's nice to get paid to teach but still be able to visit family, though.

In the "get it together" category of my life, I need to create syllabi for all of my courses, not to mention get a more specific idea of my lecture outlines. I'm teaching two new classes in the fall - one new to me and one new to the university. Woot! Let's hope it doesn't get cancelled...

Even with all this, husband and I are struggling with wanting to adopt animals from the shelter, but know we shouldn't...but really want to...but know it might be irresponsible...but just really want to...

Ah, well.  This post comes at a practice break. Gotta get back to it.

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