Saturday, June 7, 2014


Daily life at this point is extraordinary, if I can say so myself.

I'm teaching an online class, which is ideal for a flexible work schedule and morning grading/coffee time. Sometimes I go for a runwalkrun in the morning, sometimes I sit outside and read, other times I get to the practice room early.

Now that I'm officially registered for the marimba competition in Italy, my practices are regimented and planned. Oddly enough, I've memorized a few pieces in a short timespan. As a player who usually reads everything, I'm pretty proud of this. One of the pieces is by husband, and I find it hard to practice that piece when he's in the building. It's my own insecurity, I know.

I'm sewing some each day, which makes me happy. I'm restarting The Artist's Way, which means I'm reconnecting with myself. I'm reading The Power of Now, a book that was recommended to me years ago by Dr. Sousa. I'm preparing my Movement for Musicians course for the fall and planning lectures for Music History II.

Later this month Casey and I fly to Boston to see Natalie and Kevin get married.  From there we fly to Florida to have a few days in Panama City Beach with my family, including my Nana. Pretty cool.

We found out a few days ago that our engaged friends have decided to get married on August 8th - which happens to be mine and Casey's anniversary. Pretty cool.

Summer is good; it makes me very happy. I wish I could find this mindset throughout the other seasons. It's always a battle between the "should" and the guilt of the "should" versus the want and the assumed peace that comes from obeying the "want" over the "should." That's a daily conundrum, but seems more manageable during these summer months.

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