Friday, May 23, 2014

Videos! and a competition?!?!

Being the procrastinator I am of technology-related tasks, I am still uploading videos of Turning Point's October concert at CU. It was an evening of marimba duets, some adapted for the instrument and others composed for it. It was fun.

I'm slowly uploading everything to my YouTube channel, Laurel Black.  I still have a few more to go, not to mention the recordings I'm planning to do for the summer. SO MANY.

Today's new video additions: Three Transformations, III. Rhumba Rubio by Andrew Thomas; Three Preludes, II. Andante con moto e poco rubato, and III. Agitato, by George Gershwin.

In other news, I'm 99% committed to playing in the Italy Percussion Competition on marimba. Other areas include vibraphone, timpani, snare drum, drum set, and composition. I figure it will be good for me to play in a competition, regardless of the outcome. I've been here in my comfortable little town for two years now, playing concerts with friends, putting together projects with Casey, but I think it's important to aim high. Though I will keep playing simply because I don't want to stop, I would also like to show others what I can do.

Are there "holes" in my playing? YES. Are there accuracy issues? YES. Are the bad phrasing habits? YES. Even the few days I've spent so far in practice with a competitive goal in mind has changed how I'm approaching the instrument. Lots of time playing scales. Lots of time spent memorizing passages rather than reading them. Lots of time spent going REALLY, REALLY SLOW. I'm enjoying the new change so far.

I don't expect to win this thing, but I'm hoping I'll have a good time. Somebody has to win and somebody has to come in last. There's no rule saying that I can't be either of those.

First round:
White Knuckle Stroll, by husband
Prelude No. 1, by Emmanuel Sejourne

Second round:
one movement from Bach cello suite
Land, by T. Muramatsu  OR  one of the Santangelo pieces

Final round:
no more than 25 minutes of rep at the performer's discretion

I've got some ideas for that final round, but they may be a little risky....hmm. More on that later.

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