Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Balletik Happenings

This is an exciting week! Natalie flew down from Boston last weekend, and we have been rehearsing for our upcoming concert at CU.

We are excited about this new program. Titled memory play, our concert consists of delicate repertoire. The perspective of these pieces feels distant, as if remembering a different time and place. 
We are very excited to have two world premieres on this concert: Aphorism 10, by Andrew Paul Jackson, and lyte, by Tim Mainland, a member of the CU music faculty. We will also perform works by Dalit Hadass Warshaw, Marti Epstein, and Elliot Cole.  See the official press release here.

Tonight Natalie and I will present an impromptu improvisation workshop for the CU community. Modeled after an approach from our beloved and admired teacher, Pierre Hurel, we hope to remove some of the anxiety associated with improvising as well as encourage them to play and listen openly. We had the opportunity to present the workshop to the jazz band yesterday, and were very happy with the response of the students. We think they surprised themselves with their insights and ability to express themselves! We were very grateful to two faculty members, Casey Cangelosi and David Ball, for attending and offering their words and thoughts to the students. 

- - - - 

When we picked up Natalie at the airport we came home to a driveway covered with 8 inches of snow. With one snow shovel, a baking sheet and a cake pan we (plus Casey) dug our way into our little house. 

Can't you see it?...

      "Balletik Duo: your one stop shop for chamber music and comically inefficient snow removal."

More to come.


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